Why I use short term car insurance

As a college student, I often find myself borrowing cars from people at school or at my part-time job. In addition, just as often I find myself lending my car to many of the same people.

Like most other students, I canít afford an annual policy that covers every situation. Itís simply too expensive! I used to think that short term car insurance was unnecessary especially if you will only be borrowing or lending a car for a day or even just an hour.

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However, a friendís car was totalled when he lent it to a co-worker. His existing insurance did not cover accidents involving other drivers. He did not have enough money to replace the car, so he ended up having to take public transportation to get around.

That incident made me realize that there is a lot of risk even just borrowing someone elseís vehicle for a short trip to the pub. You really never know what can happen. Even if you are a careful driver, you never know who might be on the road with you. If someone else is drunk, for example, even your best driving skills may not be enough to avoid an accident.

Now, like most other students, I cannot easily afford to repair or replace my vehicle in case of an accident. I surely cannot afford to pay for medical expenses in case of injuries to others in an accident.

When you think of all the ways that you can be liable when driving someone elseís car or when someone else is driving your car, the possibilities are mind-boggling.

As a college student, I know that a lot of my fellow students are not the most responsible people yet either. Most of them like to party and have a good time, and they do not always think of the consequences of their actions.

I have to admit that on many occasions, some of my fellow students have gotten behind the wheel when they were in no condition to do so.

In my case, short term car insurance is really a no-brainer. Why should I take such risks at such a young age?

The cost is really not that bad since you only pay for the period that you need insurance. It certainly is a lot less expensive that getting that type of cover with an annual car insurance policy.

With short term car insurance, you have a lot of flexibility and itís very easy to get cover right online. There really is no hassle in signing up for a policy beforehand. Anyway, itís worth the extra effort and the cost because it gives peace of mind that you and your car are protected.

When considering whether to insure a rock star for motor insurance, consider the number of rock stars who have ended their life due to a car accident. Lisa Lopez otherwise known as 'Left Eye' from the group TLC was killed in car crash after driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol after trying to pass several other cars at the age of 30. Cliff Burton, the bass player for Metallica was killed when their tour bus hit a patch of ice and flipped at the age of 24. In addition, consider the number of accidents that the rock stars themselves have caused. Everyday, it is not uncommon to hear of a rock star who caused an accident either from being on their cell phone or being under the influence of a foreign substance. So not only are the companies having to insure the rock star should some unexplainable car accident occur, but they are also taking a huge risk with ensuring the rock star because they get into so many more accidents when compared to the average American citizen.

When also considering the risk of the rock star in regards to car insurance, the company has to consider the rock star spends a great amount of time on the road when compared to the average citizen. They may spend 300 days on the road, only stopping for shows, which statistically puts them at a higher chance of having an accident when compared to other people that are driving on the road. Exhaustion does play a huge role in many of these accidents since the life of the rock star is nonstop fun and touring.

Overall, rock stars are not the kind of clients that companies want to ensure. They will cost more money for the company since they will have to pay out more for when these accidents do occur and may have to pay out sooner than they would normally expect because of the life that the rock star leads.

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